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Corporate Spiritual Responsibility

Bharat's greatest clue to 'Conscious Corporates'!

As its unique CSR activity, Vatgach is committed to assimilating and propagating the concept of Corporate Spiritual Responsibility (CSpR) as an integral part of organizational work culture for building 'enlightened enterprises'. CSpR - An implementable concept - linking Man’s Spiritual Level to livelihood and progress in life. This concept, which involves measuring man’s Spiritual level by what we call - ‘Spiritual MRI’ and ‘Spiritual Lipid Profile’, amounts to a paradigm shift in Management Education and Practices from ‘Jargons’ to 'Awareness’.

Delivered through retreats called ‘Illumination Retreats’, the CSpR capsule is seen as a process of Upgrading the Operating System of the CEOs, Leaders and Masters. We arrange transformational 'illumination retreats' on CSpR for corporates, bureaucracy and other organizational set-ups.

'Corporate Spiritual Responsibility' was developed based on the following Hypotheses that:

  • 'व्यवस्था' of any organization depends on the 'अवस्था' of its managers.
  • The quality of your 'Being' will decide the quality of your 'Doing'. Hence, of your living.
  • Success in the 'External World' will depend on the Brilliance in the 'Internal World'.

Here ‘अवस्था ’ denotes:

  • In which gear is the Machine Operating.
  • Using the allegory of a computer, it can be understood in terms of the 'Operating System' at which the person is operating.
  • The extent of awareness of the 'Purpose, Principle, Process and Protocol', 4 Ps of life. Hence, the extent of Spiritual alignment – is measurable through the 'Integrated Spiritual Evaluation Index' (INSPIRE-INDEX).
  • As is the 'अवस्था', so are the 'Thoughts, Words, and Deeds'.
That one's goal in life will be - not only to do well for 'himself', but also for his-'Self'.
That at the time of retirement, one will get not only his monetary settlement but will also demand a 'Spiritual Balance Sheet' - indicating what he has gained or lost Spiritually while earning and accumulating the 'Perishables'.
This will become the USP of future Corporations to attract the Pious, Pure, Principled, and Potent Professionals - living in complete awareness of the 4 Ps of life.
That one's Spiritual Level will be a necessary pre-qualification - along with professional qualifications, to be linked to livelihood - right from placement to promotions and continuously evaluated till retirement.
That while for lower responsibilities, it may be acceptable to have someone with a lower spiritual Level, for higher positions, higher Spiritual 'अवस्था' will be a mandatory eligibility criterion. While doing an advanced operation - like Cloud Computing, one cannot operate on MS-DOS; similarly, for higher positions – in roles involving higher influence and responsibility, aimed at achieving higher organizational goals, one would need to operate from a higher Spiritual 'अवस्था' - a higher Operating System.
The 'Spiritually Challenged' will have to be necessarily restricted to lower positions in the hierarchy.
That the employee will be 'Chaperoned Spiritually' - right from placement to promotion to retirement - preparing him for a graceful exit from the world as a fulfilled, evolved, and contented human being - as against one who wasted human life accumulating perishables only, operating in 'Animal Mode' at the Animal end of the 'Animal- Human- Divine' Matrix.


The concept of CSpR will trigger a thought process leading to the following:

  • Corporate Goals will be fine-tuned and aligned with the Highest Goal of Human life.
  • Besides educational qualification, spiritual level will be linked to livelihood and career growth. 
  • Strict 'No-No', to 'Spiritually Challenged' at senior level. 'Spiritually Challenged' will have to start at a lower Level.
  • Executives will be made to get their 'Spiritual Alignment' checked periodically – by way of developing techniques - equivalents of 'Spiritual MRI' and 'Spiritual Lipid Profile' 
  • Spirituality will be made a prescribed way of life, not just a necessary lifestyle accessory. Conduct Rules will necessarily comprise living life in consonance with the practice of 'यम - नियम,' at least - if not, 'आसन' and beyond.
  • Enlightened Enterprises will invest in the 'Awakening' of their employees as opposed to feeding the 'Comatose' and perpetuating the 'Sleepwalking'
  •  Young managers will seek the Spiritual Horoscope of the Company while sending CV for placement to a corporation - in the awareness and enlightened understanding of terms like 'Pay Package' and 'Cost to the Spirituo-System.'.

Inspired by the long term utility of the concept in upgrading the current world view from a ‘Material world view’ to an ‘Enlightened World view’, the S-VYASA University of Bangalore established the first ever Centre for Corporate Spiritual Responsibility (CCSpR), as part of their department of Management education. The CCSpR was inaugurated in Bangalore on 12th January 2014 in the presence of Spiritual luminaries from across the world and representatives of what we call the ‘Enlightened Enterprises’. A number of ‘Conscious Corporates’ have come forward to start Pilot projects to implement this novel concept of this holistic philosophy of Management - linking and fine tuning Corporate goals to larger goals of humanity. Another such centre has been set up by the Indus Business Academy, Bangalore in October 2019.

Intended Consequences:

This concept will lead to the transformation of human perception from the currently prevalent 'Material World View' to an 'Enlightened World View' and result in a foundational shift in conceptualizing and guiding future movement of - not just business but humanity as a whole, from 21st century onwards - redefining the very meaning of terms like Business, Wealth, Profit, Gains, Market, Stakeholders, Success, etc. The phrase - 'Net Worth' of an individual, as well as that of the Corporations, will come to mean a different meaning altogether- transforming the very definition of the Purpose, Priorities, and Processes employed by the 'Conscious Corporates' and 'Enlightened Enterprises' to run Business 'Profitably', in the real sense of the term, while at the same time, purposefully utilising human life. Cost to the 'Spirituo -System' and Cosmos will take precedence over Cost to the Company (CTC).